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My father SOLOMON LANGE spoke about cultural identity read and be inspired 👇


The western culture has tremendously impacted on African traditional society in a very positive and negative dimension, especially on our kids ..

But it’s never too late to create a change .
Many parents wonder when to begin teaching their children about religion and culture. While it’s never too late, beginning early is recommended. We begin reading to our children long before they are able to read because we know they must be exposed to literacy experiences at an early age in order to read themselves when they are older.
The same is true for culture.

Children love to hear stories about when their parents were children. Share with them how your own family did things, what you liked and even those aspects you did not enjoy so much. Explore your cultural identity together. Read books, listen to music and try new foods. Visit different cultural centers or congregations to see all the different ways there are , of being part of that group.

My kids love it when I take them to my village , because they get to experience our culture first hand , the last time we travelled home to see grandma , I took them to the hospital I was born , took them to my school and told them how we sat on stones to recieve lectures , my daughter couldn’t believe this ..

We must pass on the Positive aspects of our Culture to our children , it shouldn’t end with us ..

Talk about your own upbringing or stories your parents have told you about their childhoods. If possible, encourage them to spend time with relatives such as grandparents – or even family friends .

This is a good way to help them to understand more about their cultural background . Don’t give them the notion that Old men and women in the villages are all Witches ..

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