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Nigerian prophetic music minister Naphtali Yakubu shares another brand new song titled ”Celestial Worship”.

YakubuNaphtali music has been a tremendous music influencer over the years, edifying and blessing the body of Christ massively. The impact of his music ministry cannot be over emphasized, a vessel God is using to change lives musically.

He has dropped yet another single tagged CELESTIAL WORSHIP. A song that will inspire you to worship the Most High.

Download and get connected to the celestial realm!

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LYRICS | Celestial Worship By Naphtali Yakubu



Verse 1.
You are the Most High, King of creation
In you we live, in you we have our being

You’re the one who began the beginning
self existing one…
You are God, the Cherubim and Seraphim they’re riding your chariots in every wing (direction)
Oh..Oh.. You sit upon your throne that has no ending, no ending Self existing God..


Yes we bow down and we worship
Lifting our hands as we worship the ancient of days…

Verse 2:
The host of Angels yes they bow down,
The 24 Elders casting their crowns down,
in Celestial worship


All the gods of the nations are idols only you Ahayah (Great I Am) is the true God.
So i bow down and i worship, I worship the ancient of days…
In Spirit and in Truth yeah


We worship, we worship your majesty oh oh
Ahayah (Great I Am) the king of kings yeah yeah. celestial worship..
Yes we bow, we bow down; we bow…
We lift our hands and worship the ancient of days
Celes..Celestial worship.
Celes..Celestial worship…
Ahayah (Great I AM) the king of King

Verse 3:

The mighty fortress of Israel, I praise your name.. Oh weh oh weh oh weh o..

You remain the same yesterday, today and forever.
Dominion belongs to you, your highness..
your kingdom and power is forever… i Worship your name. (Chant..!)
Ancient of days i bow down
I worship your name forever.
Celestial worship i give to you
In Spirit and in truth

Back to chorus::
We worship your majesty
Ancient of days no one like you forever and ever.

We worship your highness {2×}
Ahayah the king of kings.
You’re the Lion, you’re the Lamb
We worship your mighty name..
Ancient of days, celestial worship we bring!


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