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Official Music Video for “Now I See” featuring Alexandra Osteen live From Lakewood Church


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Now I See (Lyrics) Lakewood Music
[Chorus] You’ve opened up my eyes of faith
And now I see
The way You see the world
And the way You see me
You’ve woken up my heart to hope
And now I know
The way You love us all
Is unconditional

[Post-Chorus] I once was lost but now I’m found
I once was blind but now I see
I see You so clearly

[Verse] The rain is gone, the sun came up
The picture is clearer than it was before
Lord, now I know
Who I really am, who I really am, am-am
A child of God, His masterpiece
Designed for a purpose and a destiny
Lord, now I know
Who I really am, who I really am, am-am

[Pre-Chorus] Even though I’m just one, one of a billion hearts and souls
You care for my life, Lord, You hold me close
And that’s just how great You are

Now I See (Live video) Lakewood Music


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