DOWNLOAD | I Know By Mr Tempo & Krystal Khayne

With the release of “I Know”, featuring the beautiful and vocally gifted Trinidadian artist, Krystal Khane, Mr. TEMPO reveals his artistry in what he calls a tribute to his life-work thus far.


“I know” is “my testimony to an uncompromising faith in the power of the Almighty to make it all happen”. As the Founder, Chairman & CEO of TEMPO Networks, Mr, TEMPO is at the helm of an astonishingly vast undertaking that is now celebrating over 15 years of operations.

He says, with characteristic assurance of a creatively (almost mystically) driven soul, that the “the love of God, passion and faith will most certainly continue to clear the path for a powerful contribution through TEMPO that aims to make the world a better place”.

Stream "I Know" Video below




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