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MUSIC Mp3 | Allah Raka Taki Gona By AutanZaki IkonAllah

Autan Zaki Ikon Allah – Allah Raka Taki Gona (farewell song to Pres. Mohammed Buhari)

Multiple award-winning & Controversial Northern Gospel Music Minister, Autan Zaki IkonAllah is out with a new farewell song to Pres. Mohammed Buhari.

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The new song is titled “Allah Raka Taki Gona” which denotes By Bye Mr. President. The song talk about the era of hardship, impunity, corruption, and suffering coming to an end as Pres. Buhari will bow out and a new leader will soon emerge.

Buttressing the plight of the masses since the APC government emerged 8 years ago, he highlighted the rise in insecurity, kidnapping, impunity, poor education, nepotism, corruption, gross poverty, suffering, fuel, and even cash scarcity as one of the major challenges the administration has subjected Nigerians to. He is happy that suffering have come to an end.

The gospel singer is one of the strong voices in the north who seized every opportunity to speak on behalf of northern Christians and Nigerians at large.

He sang a song that he dedicated to the late Deborah Samuel who was murdered in Sokoto for alleged blasphemy.

He also condemned the APC Muslim – Muslim ticket in a song.

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