See Easy way how music lovers travel from Nigeria to the USA

See Easy way how music lovers travel from Nigeria to the USA

You’d have to get a visa to visit. 60% of visas are rejected from Nigeria, so it would be pretty hard. If you are young, single, without children, without a job, without property…you can expect your visa application to be rejected.

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If you are well educated, have plenty of money, older with strong ties to Nigeria, and a history of visiting western nations and returning to Nigeria, you can expect your application to be approved. Currently, you’d need to have been vaccinated for COVID with either Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, or Astrazenenca.

once you’ve been approved, an airliner is the only reasonable way to get to the USA.
-Lyssa Ryan

Delta Airlines and United Airlines have direct flights to US from Lagos. You could also take any other airlines such as British Airways, Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad and Emirates. Arik Air used to fly to New York, but they have stopped their services on this route. Air Frace, KLM, Lufthansa et al fly to US from Lagos and Abuja through their countries of origin.
-Rajesh Kaushik

By “travel to the United States” did you mean for emigration, tourism, education or just to pay someone a visit? I assume you mean emigration. If I’m right, the easiest way is to get admission into an American University then you apply for a student visa. By the time you finish your PhD, apply for a job. By then you would have stayed long enough to apply for citizenship. Whatever be the case, a student visa is your best bet.
-Richard Odey

1 – Open Google
2 – Type “nigerian travel agency online” or just use kayak dot com
3 – Search where in NG you want to leave from and what airport in the US you want to reach. Put the desired travel date.
Bingo! The results will give you the answer
-Alex O’Dorian

After getting your paperwork done you merely get on a plane to the US. The pilot will normally know the route to get there so this will relieve you of the need to know how to get there.
-Marco Sorsa

Do you want the real or the sarcastic answer. I prefer to reel out the sarcastic one first.

Take a coach from Lagos through Republic of Benin through Ghana till you arrive Cape Verde. then hop on a speed boat the Caribbean’s. You could hitherto swim across to the US.

C’mon, there are several flights connecting Nigeria to the US directly or via stops. Book them! If you wish, you may connect through any of the cargo boats and share you experience here!
-Olutomiwa Ogunbona

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Simple answer –

By flight ✈️.

Get to the embassy.

Get a visa.

Get a ticket.

Jump on your plane.

And you are in the states.

not satisfied by this simple answer. Search more for the requirements of a visa and etc.
-Kingsley Ojieh

These days ? Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, shipping can be an alternative, although who is providing a regular service on such a run ? Lunatics might give hovercrafts a go, although do no expect a road side service coming along if an essential part on the machine is failing. Cars, bikes and busses are excluded as much as are trains. Strong belief will not be good enough enabling one to walk across.

What else has been missed ?

Fine, this does settle it to any aircraft with the fuel range completing the flight. If anyone does offer direct trips, so be it. If the journey does run via a European hub, fine, it will be rated as next best opportunity.

Although, currently I do not have any idea, who in COVID-19 times is actively in the game. For an affordable price for a ticket.
-Thies Schaper



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