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MUSIC+Lyrics | Yahweh By Adeola Peters

Gifted worship leader, Adeola Peters releases a new single titled Yahweh.”

Speaking about the song she says, At the turn of the new year, after embarking on a 21-day fasting and prayer session, Adeola Peters sought God’s direction for the year and His response was, “Do not let My Name leave your mouth.”

She started eulogizing God in several ways and the song “Yahweh” was birthed.

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LYRICS | Yahweh By Adeola Peters

Yahweh (4x)
Your name is Yahweh
Yahweh Yahweh
Kadosh Kadosh (2x)

Your name is Kadosh
Kadosh Kadosh
You are El-Shaddai
Your name is El-Shaddai

And I worship you today
El-Shaddai El-Shaddai


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