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Nigerian gospel singer and worship leader Themusic Oni finaly releases the most anticipated song titled “Komai Na”.

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Commenting on the phenomenal Hausa song “Komai Na” he says In 2014: I was going to take my life, I had thrown in the towel. Nothing seemed to be working well, and life made no sense to me, though I had done all I knew to do –Themusic Oni

I had compared myself to family members, friends, colleagues, and my pairs, On the 8th. February, 2014. I was doing some chores, and pondering on how I would end my mystery. At 8:48am the Lord spoke to me; I heard in my spirit, “I am everything to you”. I replied in a tune, “Kai ne komai na ya Yesu”….. Meaning, “Jesus, You are my everything” –he continues

I ran to my room and asked a friend I was hosting, to play la-fa-do-so chords on my acoustic guitar. We worshiped with the song I had just received, and I rededicated my life to God.

Ever since, life has been awesome (irrespective of challenges), God has been everything to me. I believe this song is for you; to remind you that in Christ Jesus you live, move, and have your being.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life…… Having Him as everything, gives life a whole new meaning, and makes the world a better place –Themusic concludes 

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LYRICS | Komai Na By The Music Oni

Verse 1:

Rai’n da na samu, Kai Ka bani ya Yesu
Kauna’r da na samu, Kai Ka bani Mai kauna ta
Ceto’n da na samu, Kai Ka bani mai ceto
Alheri’n da na samu, Kai Ka bani ya Yesu

(Kai ne, komai na, komai na
komai na, Yesu….
komai na, komai na
Kai ne, komai na, ya Yesu….)

(Kai ne), komai na, komai na
Kai ne, komai na, ya Yesu…. (unison)

Verse 2:

You’re not just my friend, You are, my love
You’re not just my love, Lord You are, my heart
You’re not just my heart, You are, my life
You’re not just my life, Lord You are, my everything….

In you I live, I move, and have my being
(Komai na, Yesu)
You’re the air that I breathe, You’re the life that I live
Oh Jesus! (Komai na, Yesu)
I’m a nobody, without you Lord
Kai ne (Komai na, Yesu)
You are my all in all, You are my everything——
Kai ne Komai na, Yesu. (r/ d/ m/ mm-/ m/ r—)


(Kai ne) komai na, komai na
Kai me, komai na, ya Yesu….

(You’re my) everything, everything
You’re my everything, Jesus.


Ayaya ya ya ya…..

Ayoyo yo yo yo…..

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