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“FATHERHOOD ProBoi Vol 3 Every end of Year I make a compilation of songs I produced for my clients in and outside the state and I have always called it “Diary of a ProBoi”.
But I am not always at liberty to release all because they have not yet been released to the public. Some are album project that will be released subsequently -Timmy Samuel
So this year is my Diary of a ProBoi Vol. 3 and I call it “FATHERHOOD”.
Why Fatherhood? It’s simply because all the songs I LAY my hands on to produce this year, the taught of my daughter is always on my mind while working, so she by that virtue became part of all the songs I worked on.
Special thanks to all my esteemed clients for patronizing CBME Studio last year 2021….
I appreciate u all, let’s do more this Year.

Fatherhood ProBoi Vol.3 By Timmy Samuel


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