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My name is Esther Yakubu popularly known as DQueen. I am a music artist and a student based in Gombe State Nigeria.


I am Tangale by tribe born into the family of Mr and Mrs Yakubu Mela on the 23 of november in the year 1999. I attended Gombe High School, Ecwa Goodness Primary and Secondary school and am currently in Gombe state university 400l. My journey as a music artist began very long ago but became only evident when I stepped forward to own the MiC. However before then, I’veĀ  always being writing songs since my secondary school days and have sang on many occasions before on invitation. I was the Choir director in my school before graduating and also attended church band though not consistently.

The passion for music has always being there imbedded and me and kept on growing over time which I can’t resist to yield in. Seeing the how persistent I was on chasing this dream, my family embrace and supported me to do more exploits. I released my first song on 4th of December 2019, I can’t forget that day lol produced by the Amazing Freeniel which featured Sammy soul. Then a again a Christmas song on the 21st of the same month and the list goes on and On. I have featured in several songs and have released my own songs too to add more fuel. I thank God for the audience and family I have they have being both supportive.

In 2020 last year, I met with the video director Rupor and we went on a couple of my songs together and decided to come up with something. This birthed the production of the video Only God Can Save which was released on 25th September 2020. The Lord has being faithful ever since, I just can’t thank Him enough. I have being in a couple of record deals which wasn’t too favourable to me and my style of music which made me opt out. However, I have my team of people with me which am grateful for likeThe VFN family Imperium Muse and hosts of others.

Presently am on with Project21 as many of you would know, which defines my EP taggedtagged #RhythmAfroandGospel
Watch on that and I promise to give my all to make it worthwhile.

This is DQueen once more MLD is just an addition
Thank You All


Kingdom Blogger, Social Media Enthusiast, Music Lover, Digital Marketer & Online Publisher Loved by God. #Jesuspikin

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