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DOWNLOAD | Dr Kambs | I Can See The Light (Lyrics)

Dr Kambs is back with another hit and  prophetic sound “I Can See The Light” encouraging those going through a dark moment in life to keep holding on God till they see the light in the morning.

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Lyrics: Dr Kambs | I Can See The Light

Intro :
And God made everything beautiful in His time, after rain, He makes the sun to shine now I can see the sun rising this is the morning of your life…

There was a time when it seemed everywhere was dark, when I raised my head and looked I couldn’t see through the sky
That was when I felt as though my head was down below the sea

Still believing night will have to go when the morning comes
So I never stopped to try still keeping on

Now I can see the light
cos my morning has come
Cos a brighter day has come

Verse 2:
Now I’ve got to know that there is much in it to show
the journey of a thousand miles, begins with just a step….
Many times I came across mountains
I thought I couldn’t climb
But nothing is impossible to him who believes so I never stopped to try still keeping on

Now the draught is gone it’s time for the flowers to grow
Now the storm is gone, its time for the sun to shine
And I can soar high in the sky ‘cos not it’s time to fly….. (It’s time for lifting up)
It’s time to sing , I can see d raising sun…..(it’s time for lifting up)
Yes I believe it when God said to me yea….. (It’s time for lifting up)
If you believed it, join me say it’s time for lifting up….( it’s time for lifting up)
C’mon say
yeee, (yeeeee)
Yeeee (yeeeee)
Say yeee (Yeeee)
Say yeeee (Yeeee)
Yeeee (yeee)
Say yeeee (yeeee)

Now I can see the light ‘cos my morning has come ……

Chorus: repeatedly



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