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Kaduna based Nigerian gospel rap ace singer Rap General releases another brand new song titled “I mean it”.

The new song ”I Mean It” was written by Rap General and Edited by Joy Nnai, mixed & mastered by Peacestar.

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LYRICS | I Mean It By Rap General


It’s funny how christian rappers making songs to fit in and they’re sounding cony like a jit.

You say that you rap about Jesus but yet you keep hiding and faking, I’m sorry you drip.

I know that you’re telling a lie cos I can feel it in your lines, deep in your mind.

You just want money and fame so the gospel  you chose, cos its seeming so safer to hide.


You better repent from your bad act.

No more trappin’ glory like a life line.

Thirty gold chains but you can’t pray.

But only ‘murder, murder’ in a song. The same thing!

You keep on chasing stages. Sorry for the fame thing.

But never gotten to the streets just to save kids.

Always checking on your stream,  everyday thing.

And when you getting low streams you keep hating.

I give my best for the ministry and they’re feeling me.

I ain’t no dissing you. Sorry for saying this, I’m just ain’t feeling you cos of your fakery.

Stop with your fakery.

I did an old skool jam and I’m cool with that.

Now I’m on the trap, “p” Is cool with that.

More will groove to that.

But the thing is that, I can’t compromise.

It’s Christ I’m all about!



All of the things that I’m saying, I tell you, I mean it!(I mean it)

I’m keeping the standard.

I rap about Christ and I kill it!(I kill it)

You don’t feel me, turn off my music and go with your feelings.(Your feelings)

The gospel of God, everyday, I’m gonna preach it.



Verse 2*

I’ve been to multiple radio shows.

I realise that I’m just on my zone.

People expect me to put away Jesus in secular shows.

Oh my God!

I’m like, ‘oh’.

What’s the point if I’m not giving the things I’ve been called in the ministry?

There’s so many lies that’s out there.

I’m not gonna give in.

It’s crazy and funny.

Here’s a true fact, you can push that.

Well, you know that you can proof that you are good at whatchu doing now.

But as soon as you don’t know that…

Oh sheesh! I’m just playing now with the whole rhyme.

But you can be famous and stay within your calling, your service, activities.

With all of your prowess just keep it real.

It’s Jesus, it’s Jesus you’re preaching, man.


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