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sHaLoM is one musician/worshipper who believes that beyond being a tool for entertainment, music should be a weapon to capture the hearts of men to God.

Out of many songs God has blessed him with, this very piece – HUNGER is the first released.

In his very words – “nothing material can satiate man’s soul’s desire; true satisfaction is found only in Jesus”

“As you listen, I pray that this stirs your HUNGER for God and the Kingdom perpetually”.

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God bless you !

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Until we realize that nothing and no one else than Jesus can truly satisfy, we will keep going in circles

__The Spirit and the bride say come_
Let him that heareth say, come
Let everyone who’s thirsty come and drink from the River that will never run dry

Verse 1
There’s a hunger and a thirst in my heart, This hunger and this thirst is just for You
Nothing else and no one else would do
Hear the cry of my heart

Hayayaya. Hayayaya. Hayayayaya

Verse 2
I sought for satisfaction outside You
The more I tried the more it wouldn’t do
Now I realize it’s only You (who can fill)
This void and this emptiness within

Only You can satisfy 2x
Only you can truly satisfy
Only You can satisfy 2x
Only You can satisfy my heart


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